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Our maintenance service aims to proactively identify small problems before the turn into large problems which cause breakdowns and downtime in your business.

Our specialist expertise means that we improve the operating ability of the equipment to make it run more efficiently. On the first scheduled maintenance visit we asset tag all equipment and create an asset register. Based on the age and condition, we then prepare a report which categorises all assets as good, fair or poor. This ascertains when an asset is approaching end of life.

We work with you to develop a monthly, quarterly or bi-annual maintenance schedule that best suits your needs, which means you don’t need to worry or remember when maintenance is falling due; we contact you prior to your scheduled date and book a time convenient to you and your business operating hours.

On completion of maintenance, you are issued with a maintenance certificate which can be held for insurance purposes. If there are any issues found, a quote is issued to rectify these.

Want further peace of mind?
Fixed-price contracts are also available.

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